Ways to make your dorm room just like the movies!

Add the final touches to your dorm room with these cheap and easy ideas.

Picture Wall Hanging.

 Photo Holder

Get some string, photos, pegs and get hanging. This trick is easy peasy and looks super cute.

Canopy BedCanopy Bed
What could be better than you and your roommate having matching beds! Get some curtains and follow the pictures steps.

Tin Bed-side table.  

This Ikea waste bin makes a great bed side table and ‘pretty up’ any room.

Cork Board 

Cork Board

Get some cork screw boards(they range from €1.50 to €2.00 in local eurosavers) and hang them over your desk to stick your “to do’s” up on and keep your study area style savvy.

Clear Containers

Makeup Organization 

Clear containers are your best friends! Put anything and everything in them and place them anywhere around the gaf. Try an even stylish idea by hanging them on your wall with some double sided tape.

Mason Jar Vases

Mason Jars
Stick some fresh or fake flowers into nicely painted mason jars to freshen up any small dorm room.

Happy Decorating!


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